Logitech’s new carbon labels present your mouse and keyboard’s influence on the surroundings

Credit score: Logitech

It’s Earth Day, and all of the world’s firms need to be sure you know they care concerning the planet too. So please, purchase their stuff? Certain, that’s a bit of cynical, however Earth Day promotions are sometimes simply ploys to promote extra merchandise, which appears counterintuitive to the primary two of environmentalism’s Three Rs. This yr, nevertheless, I’ve to confess I discovered Logitech’s strategy to sustainability advertising intriguing. 

Logitech introduced new “carbon influence transparency” labeling for all its packaging on Thursday. The brand new labeling will present a product’s carbon footprint measured in kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions (kg CO2e) over a typical two yr interval of utilization. Logitech sees this quantity as akin to diet labeling on foodstuffs. You’ll be able to check out the quantity on the facet of the bundle, after which resolve whether or not or not you need to take part within the carbon influence of stated product.

The primary Logitech gear to have the packaging is the $130 Logitech G Professional wi-fi gaming mouse, which Logitech says has a carbon footprint of seven.84 Kg CO2e—rather less than the equal of burning a gallon of gasoline.

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One other six Logitech merchandise are slated to get a carbon influence label earlier than the tip of June, together with the G213 gaming keyboard (22.zero kg CO2e), G903 Lightspeed gaming mouse (8.64 kg CO2e), G502 Hero gaming mouse (7.10 kg CO2e), G102 LightSync gaming mouse (5.51 kg CO2e), G304 Lightspeed gaming mouse (8.76 kg CO2e) and G502 Lightspeed gaming mouse (8.69 kg CO2e).

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